AstroPsychology Consultations with Celia

"I'm so glad I had the opportunity to work with you. You presented everything in a concise, illuminating, and compassionate way which will be very helpful in my journey of personal growth. You are indeed a gifted psychological astrologer and a truly caring person. Namaste."

--Cathy Y.

If you seek a greater understanding of yourself, I highly recommend making an appointment with Celia Marion. I would give her an infinity of stars if that rating was available. She is loving, kind, non-judgmental, and radiates a high vibrational energy. After a session with her I came away with deep insights which I will be able to use to have a more meaningful life. Thank you, Celia!

--Luanne L., Reiki Master Teacher

The session with Celia was the best type of therapy I've ever had.  She is very professional and knowledgeable about Psychology and Astrology and presented information to me that was extremely valuable. I also left with a sense of hope for my future. I also left with the tools I needed to further progress in a positive direction for me. I will recommend Celia to anyone looking for a better understanding of their situation.

--Elaine M.

Celia not only is a superb astrologer but also a terrific psychologist. She helped me through the most challenging period I've ever had to endure with her astrological skill, insight, intelligence, compassion, and depth of awareness. Her extensive training is more than apparent and I came away feeling soul-nurtured. She not only "nailed it" when explaining what was transpiring in my chart but also extended guidance for moving forward. Celia is truly a rare gem and interacting with her was a gift. We used Zoom which was perfect as I live out of state.

--Ellie F., Colorado

Celia is a very accomplished astrologer who has great insight into people's psychology. As a psychological astrologer she understands the connections between what drives us and how this can affect our daily life. I had numerous sessions with her at a very difficult time in my life and Celia was not only able to help and support me in my problems, but her counseling and deep understanding of the issues that were evident in my chart gave me great peace. Her maturity, thoughtfulness and her training are her greatest assets and I can absolutely recommend her services.

--Elke H., Canada

"Thanks so much for the clarification on relationships. It makes perfect sense to me. I got a great deal out of your thoughtful analysis and will spend some time digesting it all. I can see places that are open to me for growth and self knowledge."

--Teresa F., Retiree

"...the sessions were interesting and useful. They have given me a different way to consider my life and its events, a different perspective to consider. I am looking forward to making the time to listen to the recordings again, and digesting the information further to see how I might be able to implement some new attitudes to old problems!"

--Lily M., Tasmania, Australia

"Celia Marion and I were astrology students and colleagues at the Academy of AstroPsychology, and became study buddies during our last academic year, which has been an enduring and productive relationship.  As a buddy, I turned to her frequently to clarify concepts and principles that I just couldn't 'get' on my own or in class. Recently, after a few months of Celia and I not being in contact, I had an important life issue that I needed help with and Celia agreed to giving me a professional reading of my chart with respect to the issue. The result is, that for the first time ever, I have clarity about the real nub of the issue that has kept me from 'moving on,' and a path forward that feels achievable. In my experience, Celia's gifts - her sharp intellect, abiding compassion, ongoing work on her own personal growth, and a love for her work as a counseling astrologer - enables her to walk with others in their healing journeys in a sincere, respectful, and profoundly helpful way. Deep Gratitude, Celia."

--Deborah G., Hobart, Australia

"With deep appreciation for your penetrating, sensitive, helpful reading of my birth chart. I am still processing the writing you sent me."

--Judy R., Art Therapist, Piano Teacher

"The reading was very specific and has provided much guidance for me regarding relationships and my various emotional reactions when involved in one. I have used it for self guidance and awareness with my approach to establishing a life with Susie. Putting the brakes on myself when failing to do so might have caused difficulties to arise between Susie and myself."

-- James S., Retiree

"The journey has been mine, but it took Celia to provide new insights, new meanings, and new understandings. Her work is profound and powerful.  I am so appreciative of the gifts she provides."

--Diana A., Professor, Neuroscience

"I want to express my thanks to you, Celia, for helping me to focus on a problem that has followed me since childhood.  As we discussed, I have experienced feelings of anger that have sometimes frightened me. I couldn't understand where it was coming from. I had done lots of work with a psychiatrist and thought I had conquered the feelings.  However, with your help I found that my anger was a result of (early childhood experiences which correlate to) characteristics that I have in my chart.  I am someone who likes to fix things, who likes to stand up for the underdog, who bristles at abusive behavior.  Some of my methods of controlling the angry moments may have made them worse  You helped me to see that it is natural for me to react in specific ways.  You also led me to focus on releasing the anger in small spurts instead of in big booms.  All these years I have hidden some of my feelings.  I am doing better since our session and hope that your explanations to me continue to help me function as I would like to. You have been a great counselor and a good friend."

-- Daryl, Retiree

"There is something very comforting about 'seeing' what you are experiencing in your birth chart. Somehow understanding its presence from that perspective together with the psychology of it creates the awareness that allows you to accept and let go. That is the gift that Celia offers in her sessions. The combination of the astrological and psychological truths together with Celia's compassionate approach to helping you interpret and assimilate the information is deeply healing. Wisdom and healing woven together. Life changing, really."

--Wendy E., Journalist

"I'm so impressed with what a gifted astrologer you are.  Every time I talk with you, I get deep insights into my psychic process through your adept interpretation of my chart."

--Sibylla P., Student

“My experience with Celia‘s astrology goes back some years prior to her certification with counseling. The information allowed me to understand my world and choose a perspective about my world that was supportive. After she furthered her education, her counseling abilities assisted me to further hone in on issues that would assist me to gain insights I had been searching for most of my adult life. This information has been life transformative for me. Thank you, Celia! You helped me to help myself.”

--Sandy J., R.N.

My session with Celia "was very enlightening and definitely something I would recommend you do as it tells you more about your strengths as well as those things that are blocking or hindering your progress towards your dreams."

--Jean C., Entrepreneur

“I just spent some time with Celia Marion, and I am beyond impressed!  Celia is trained as a psychological astrologer, a designation I had no idea about, but it sounded intriguing.  Well let me tell you, she absolutely nailed it!  Using a natal chart she showed me how the placement of the planets at the time of my birth set the stage for the challenges and successes, and explained a bit about how I overcame things.  This is not 'just' a chart showing your proclivities, she actually saw incidents in my life--and the age at which they happened--and how these things shaped me for the life I have today!   Many, many layers to this...we are not done yet....and I am so very grateful to have met her!  She is just one example of the amazing practitioners at the Venice Holistic Community Center!”

--Carolyn N., Reiki Master & Teacher

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