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"Thanks so much for the clarification on relationships. It makes perfect sense to me. I got a great deal out of your thoughtful analysis and will spend some time digesting it all. I can see places that are open to me for growth and self-knowledge."

Teresa F., Florida

"Celia, thank you for your compassionate, level and coherent response to my stories. I think you are the first person who has heard one or more of my life stories and responded in such a structured, contained and reassuring way. I am including therapists/counselors etc. It is so wonderful to tell those types of stories to someone who does not become overwhelmed by them. So whilst you may not call yourself a counselor/therapist I hope you don't underestimate those qualities and capacities within you to hold, contain, and bear witness to another's suffering."

Lily B., Australia

"I just finished listening to and taking notes from the recording you sent to me....all I can say is wow wow wow!!! You are so amazing!! I might have a few questions after I read everything over. In the meantime, thank you so much for helping me to understand myself better and also to prepare myself for what lies ahead."

Luanne L., Reiki Master, Venice, Florida.

"Celia, the greatest gift you gave to me in our session was making me feel safe to show all of me to fears, my choices, my anger...this gift is priceless and you held space for me with such love and neutrality. Forever grateful for you and your insight." Fiona B., Akashic Records Reader, Vancouver, Canada

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