• Celia Marion

Astrological Shorthand or Short-Circuit?

Updated: Mar 9

I've noticed that when astrologers are talking about themselves to other astrologers, they resort to using the astrological symbols of their charts to explain themselves. There is an assumption that the listener will automatically understand what is being said but, given the polyvalent and multidimensional nature of archetypes, as well as the unique way that they are configured in an individual chart, this may not be so! In addition, using the symbols can have a distancing effect both for the speaker and the listener. Let me give an example. I was speaking with a friend who was sharing a difficult experience. When I asked her if she could say more about it, she began using her chart symbols to explain herself. I asked her to use regular language rather than the symbols of her chart. She paused, took a deep breath, and proceeded to do so. When she was finished, she exclaimed, "Wow! I've never really explained that so well before. I've never really thought it through that well before!" It was a revelation for her and a much clearer understanding for me. There are times when the symbolic language is very useful. It's especially so when listening to a client with their chart before us; it allows us to readily see which archetypes are at work in their story. But, when sharing with each other as astrologers, to use the symbols to communicate can short circuit the process of true sharing and understanding.

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