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Facebook as an Archetype

Updated: Mar 9

Facebook – What kind of astrological archetypal experience is it? I think it could be any of several. It could be a Mercury/Gemini/third information-gathering and communicating experience. It could be Jupiter/Sagittarius/9th with advertising, political debating or uplifting messaging going on. There could even be some expanded learning. It could be a Neptune/Pisces/12th experience of deception and betrayal, or spiritual sharing. It is also addictive, and in a way it isn’t real. It could be a Moon/Cancer/4th nurturing experience with families and friends. But for those who are alone, lonely, or emotionally vulnerable it could also be a minefield of manipulation and deep wounding. The darker side of Pluto/Scorpio. It’s a place where instead of road rage there’s FB rage, Mars/Aries unrestrained. For me it’s truly a love-hate relationship. I see its gifts and its dangers. Facebook has been on my mind as I listen to different people share variations of all of these experiences. And the experiences always reflect the natal chart as part of an on-going story. We don’t yet know the full of it.

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