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August, 2016

  • Celia Marion


When Melancholy slipped in,

uninvited, unexpected,

yet not denied,

I asked,

"What do you want of me?"

"To be known, really deeply known"

was the reply.

And so we sat.

My elderly Whiskered Friend,

who senses such things,

curled up in my lap.

And so we sat.

A tear.

A purr.

A smile.

A moment of Soul.


It seems the longer we live, the more likely such visitations can occur....perhaps because we have lived. They seem to bring with them the emotional memory of every loss, every failure... deepening the fabric of our lives.

And so it seems we endure another initiation by the gods. Of such stuff are we made, forged, humbled, and - ultimately - painfully enriched. It seems that Soul demands it - because of such stuff is the Pearl made that glistens therein, washed by the tears we shed.

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