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Reflections of Sadness

Updated: Mar 9

An Astrological View.

Sadness, sometimes named 'depression,' can descend and envelop the soul in a deep dark state. And yet, the words 'depression' or 'sadness' do not capture the fullness of the mood. Perhaps because there seem to be different kinds with different needs in their images. In astrology, depression is often associated with Saturn/Capricorn. Here there can be a sense of feeling blocked, stuck, unable to move forward or to achieve one's intentions or goals, a sense of failure. Here the depression may feel dark and cold and seemingly unmovable. There is much to be patient with here, and even loving. Perhaps allowing Soul time with the earth, with rocks warmed by the sun, can provide a calming sense of strength.

Another dark, terrifying state can be associated with Pluto/Scorpio. When one falls into Pluto's darkness one may come face to face with a deep fear of shame, even a terrifying rage. Here one may be challenged to remain awhile in the dark depths long enough to wrestle with a fierce inner force, to come to a mutual under-standing, to walk with it fearlessly and authentically. There is much to face here, and the power of integrity to claim. Perhaps allowing Soul time with the vastness of the night sky and silent walks through the shadows of trees can bring a healing through the gift of darkness.

Then there is the sadness of Neptune enveloping one in a cloud of inner tears. There is a deep sense of loss which sits like a rudderless ship wrapped in a murky fog on a dark sea. The temptation is to numb this sadness, to want to escape it, to deny it. But by being with this sadness, by allowing it to flow, to move like the mists of the fog, images of what the loss is about can float to the surface, to be mourned, and even once again loved. Being with this melancholy can bring from the depths a state as beautiful as the mournful call of the loon on a dark soundless lake. Soul welcomes the cry in the stillness, to then perhaps express itself through music or poetry.

I think these times of darker Soul expression are every bit as enriching to life as moments of bliss or ecstasy. Rather than feeling something is inherently wrong, to be gotten rid of, to medicate or remove in some way, it is more helpful to allow and be with them, to spend time with them. This is to give space to imagine, and perhaps learn, what Soul is asking of us.

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