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  • Celia Marion

Reflections of Neptune

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

It is apparent that the more conscious one's buried wound becomes, the more painful it may become. For healing to occur, the pain must be felt, grieved, and forgiven, and that can only happen when the wound is made conscious. What challenging Neptune contacts may contain within them, whether natally or by transit, is an intense sense of loss and grief, and even a profound sense of existential longing or even guilt. These states need to be allowed to flow through and felt so they may be released. They may need to be experienced by surrendering to such a deep sense of compassion on one hand and of unity with all of nature on the other, that both the sorrow and the boundless love in the longing flow freely. Neptune truly holds within it the requirement for complete surrendering of what is beyond one's control. With Neptune/Moon, for example, one still functions to meet the lunar needs for belonging, nurturing and unconditional love, but with whom, when, where, or how may not be in one's control. It can be a sense of both loss and love so deep and yet expansive that when alone in a reflective state, one can be momentarily swept away by it, to experience it, then to understand how to give it away. Over and over the caring heart may be broken open for the sake of something larger, something impersonal and sacred. One may ultimately learn to hold space for the suffering of others without being swept away by it.

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