My Sun Sign?

Updated: Jan 11

Please don’t ask me my Sun sign! I believe there is an assumption in the question of my Sun sign which implies that if you know what it is, you will know me! That is a myth which has been perpetuated by Sun sign newspaper columns and books which write such descriptions as if they were fact. There may be a trait or two which fit, but for the most part, I am far more complex than my Sun sign. The Sun, although a very important part of my astrological chart, is just that—a part—not the whole. My chart with its ten planets, 12 signs, their inter-aspects, and 12 houses isn’t even who I am! It’s only a symbolic map of my potential, the gifts and challenges which can contribute to my overall growth and development. By looking at my chart you cannot tell how I am actualizing that potential. You can get an inkling of that only by talking with me and hearing my life story, listening to the choices I have made and the beliefs (which are both conscious and unconscious) which underlay those choices; and it’s a story that continues to evolve throughout my life.

In AstroPsychology, each of the planets symbolizes a psychological faculty which strives to meet the particular needs of the sign which it rules. For example, the Sun represents the psychological faculty which functions to meet Leo needs for self-esteem, creative self-expression, validation of identity, attention and approval. It is that part of you which makes choices and has intentions in the interest of meeting those needs. Preferred emotional states include pride and self-esteem, vs. shame and self-doubt. It is true that how the Sun functions is colored by the sign in which it is located. However, there is a wide range of possibilities for how the Sun will both be expressed and experienced through the sign it is in. Further, the Sun is also influenced by aspects which it makes to other planets in the chart, in which house it is located, and the house which it signifies.

This is a very simplistic, much reduced description of the Sun’s function in the psyche. My point is that how I function, who I believe myself to be, my identity, my sense of self, is far more than my Sun sign! To tell you my Sun sign would be like telling you that a piece of cake is an egg, ignoring the flour, butter, flavoring, decoration, and shape. For example, a Sun in Pisces conjunct Venus and Mars in the 8th house will have very different concerns and ways of functioning from Sun in Pisces conjunct Mercury in the 5th house. There is an entire story—and even an indeterminate range of possible stories—which correlates to each of those configurations. Add to that any further aspects which the Sun makes to other planets in other houses and the plot thickens; and the Sun’s configurations still is only part of the total potential for each person as symbolized by their charts as a whole. Again, I am not my Sun sign or my chart; and my chart with its Sun in a sign is not me. It is a map of possibilities only, possibilities which are endless and continually evolving as I live my life.

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