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People often come to an astrologer to get guidance, advice, answers to questions: Should I take a new job? Should I marry this new person? Is there a “hard” transit coming up? Will I ever see my children again? There are many branches of astrology, and some attempt to answer these kinds of questions. Some attempt to predict the future, to forewarn and forearm the client. As a psychological astrologer, that is not my goal.

Fear of the future, fear of making a mistake, or a wrong choice, is understandable. The desire to know and to be able to control outcomes gives a sense of safety, of security. But not only is it a false sense, but it is hubris to assume we can outsmart or control that which has not yet happened … and which may need to happen for our growth. As a psychological astrologer, I believe that by listening to your story, hearing how your life has been lived thus far, and using the astrological chart as a guide, you and I, together, can arrive at a deeper understanding of how you are manifesting the potential symbolized in your chart. Together we may explore what early childhood experiences may have led to unconscious negative beliefs which impact behavior and choices. What patterns of behavior and experiences are being repeated which are causing frustration? What can we learn from reflecting on them?

According to Carl Jung, our unconscious beliefs influence our behavior in such a way that life’s experiences mirror back to us what we are struggling with. Life provides a continuous, synchronistic feed-back loop which, when looked at with greater awareness and understanding, gives clues to how we are attempting to change, to heal, to grow. By changing our inner awareness, understanding, and beliefs, we learn how to respond differently to life’s challenges, to make different choices. This in turn brings about a different response from the environment. The symbolism of the astrological chart, in conjunction with the client’s story, gives clues to both the challenges and potential.

By learning from the past and becoming more aware of the present — by living in the present — one is better able to allow the future to unfold with faith and increased self-agency. Challenges happen. Suffering happens. The question is not “How do I avoid it?” or “What did I do wrong?” It becomes, “What am I to learn from it?” “What is it teaching me?” The same questions are true for “hard” transits. A transit is a symbolic mirror of something within ourselves which is desiring to be made known, to be better integrated, or to be changed, to be healed, even perhaps to be accepted. So it is not about making predictions, but about seeing the opportunities for deepening self-understanding, expanding consciousness, and enriching our lives.

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