AstroPsychology Consultations

"Experience is the Soul's one

    and only nourishment."

--James Hillman

Examining the Natal Chart:

In these sessions, the natal chart is analyzed from a psychological perspective. This is especially helpful when you have specific concerns or questions. Are there  patterns, issues, or reoccurring themes in your life into which you would like to gain insight? The symbolism of the birth chart is like a mirror reflecting your psyche or Soul. It is a symbolic map of your potential.  I use it as a guide along with your story and concerns to help you understand challenges and places where you feel stuck.

These sessions last from  1½ to 2 hours. If further

work beyond the initial concern is desired, up to three sessions is often desirable and helpful.

Relationships in the Natal chart

Working with your story and the natal chart can provide

a great deal of insight into relationship challenges.The natal chart can give clues as to why relationships fail as well as how they can be more successful. It can give

clues as to why certain kinds of people continually show up in your life. Many people want synastry charts done

in order to determine the potential success or failure of

a relationship, However, it is an awareness of your own particular relationship challenges, needs, and gifts

which can contribute to relationships being more successful, especially intimate ones. Relationships tend

to be the vehicle through which we do our most serious Soul work, evolution of consciousness, and integration

of psychic functioning. Understanding ourselves with

the natal chart as a guide, facilitates that process.

Required for natal consultation: Birth date, birth place, and accurate birth time. Accurate birth time is essential for a good session. It is best obtained from a birth certificate or an agency which records birth times.

If you do not have your birth time, try Googling for birth times or birth records in the city of your birth, and contacting the agency or hospital. This can take some time, so it’s good to get before making an appointment. If a birth time is unavailable, some work can still be

done. Though it isn't as deep, it can still be helpful.






Current Transits 

These sessions are generally subsequent to natal chart work. The focus of these sessions is to understand the meaning of a particular time period. This can be helpful

if you feel things in your life are shifting.  If you are experiencing upheaval, uncertainty, loss, or profound inner changes which you want to understand. An examination of current transits and progressions to

your natal chart can give insight as to what is happening, what is being required of you, and the time period for

its strongest effect. The focus is on opportunities for psychological growth and shifts in self-expression rather than on predicting outer events. See more about predictions and other topics in the AstroPsychology Blog.These sessions may be part of a natal consultation or as a return follow-up session.

"We can endure suffering in which  we find meaning"
- Carl Jung


Initial sessions are 1½ to 2 hours long for $100. Follow-up sessions are 1 to 1½ hours for $75.00.  Sessions are done in person, or via Zoom. A recording of the session is sent via e-mail. If you are interested in a session or have questions, please see the Contact Celia page.

"I was blown away by my session with Celia. The combination of her astrological knowledge and skill to deliver relevant information is so amazing. I got so much out of working with her, and plan to use the insights gained from our session together to further develop my personal and professional life. I plan to recommend her to so many people, as I know they could benefit from her services!" Julie C., BCC, Cosmic Warrior Wisdom, LLC

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