“It’s not what happens
to you, but how you
react to it that matters.”


— Epictetus

Celia Marion

Psychological Astrologer

As a Psychological Astrologer, my focus is the natal chart. I use it as a guide, along with your story and concerns, to help you understand challenges and places where you feel stuck, places where you want to change or express yourself differently.

"The journey has been mine, but it took Celia to provide new insights, new meanings, and new understandings. Her work is profound and powerful. I am so appreciative of the gifts she provides." D.A., Professor of Neuroscience.

“I never use astrology to guide my life, but rather to understand it. The goal is not to

become dependent upon an external source of guidance, but to use astrology to deepen trust in one’s own internal guidance — the God within, if you will.” 

President, Academy of AstroPsychology

My Love for AstroPsychology

I am passionate about AstroPsychology

as taught by Dr. Glenn Perry at the Academy of AstroPsychology. 

Dr. Perry has designed a program and methodology which draws from the fields of Astrology, Psychology, Human Development, Psycho-spiritual Evolution, and Carl Jung’s theories of synchronicity and Archetypes.   Viewing Psyche as Soul, and using AstroPsychology to examine our life stories and natal charts, we can see that our lives have purpose and each is unique. We can learn how our struggles are opportunities for growth. Studying our life stories with the natal chart as a guide provides a vehicle for deep self-understanding and the potential for healing and transformation. This is the astrology which I practice. 



Like the water lily that

rises from the mud

below the water's surface,

becoming aware of our

darker shadow side

nurtures our fuller blooming.

In the end,

life is a Heroic experience

of Soul expressing Source.

— Celia Marion

Venice, Florida


T 941 484 2571

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