“It’s not what happens
to you, but how you
react to it that matters.”


— Epictetus

Celia Marion

Psychological Astrologer

As an astrologer using AstroPsychology, my

specialty is the natal chart. The symbols of the birth chart are used, in conjunction with your story, to understand your concerns and experiences. The goal is for greater self-awareness, self-understanding, self-acceptance, and to understand how patterns of behavior and old beliefs about the self may be hindering personal evolution. We consider ways of re-framing those old stories and changing behavior. Often, these sessions validate and confirm what you intuitively already know about yourself! To schedule  a session, see the Contact Celia page.



Testimonial: "I have had the opportunity to share time with some of the world's finest astrologers but I have never connected to their interpretations of my natal chart as I have with Celia's. It's clear to me that Celia takes a lot of time to study a chart before she meets with you. Through her unique work & gifts, I feel she was better able to connect the dots to who I am at a soul level. Celia skillfully interpreted my natal chart in a way that was relevant and easy for me to understand."  Ann P., Numerologist

 AstroPsychology and the Natal Chart

In addition to utilizing astrological symbols, AstroPscyhology draws from the fields of Psychology, Human Development, and Carl Jung’s theories of synchronicity and Archetypes. Viewing Psyche as Soul, we can see that your life has purpose and is unique. We can especially learn how struggles are opportunities for growth, healing, and transformation, and may ultimately contain your greatest gifts. I am not a therapist, and you are not being assessed, diagnosed, or treated for any clinical condition, yet astrology used in this way can be therapeutic.

How the Symbols Are Used

In AstroPsychology, there are four ways that the symbols can be used

1. The Voices in Your Head

The planets, signs, and aspects can symbolize the voices in your head. Some are cooperating while others are challenging and resisting each other. The shoulds and should-nots so to speak. Your life work is to learn how to integrate the various voices so that they can function together more smoothly. These are your inner psychological workings.

2. Outer Experiences & Other People

The same symbols can correlate to outer events and the people who come into your life. In this way, outer experiences may be synchronistic with inner beliefs of which you may not be so aware, which leads to the third way the chart can be used.

3. Early Childhood

Since the chart represents a range of potential expression throughout life, it can be particularly useful to consider how it may depict your perception of early childhood experiences. As a young child, you do not have the developmental capacity to understand some of your experiences. Your perspective is very egocentric so you may interpret your experiences as if you were responsible for what happens,as if what happens is somehow your fault. These perceptions lead to the stories you tell yourself about your self. The more unpleasant ones are often repressed in the unconscious only to be projected outward onto other people. Those hidden and uncomfortable parts of yourself, your shadow wounds so to speak, often come back at you in exaggerated form through other people. This can be repeated throughout life until you gain the awareness and understanding needed to make the necessary changes in your consciousness, in your beliefs, and in your behavior.


4. Your Purpose

Lastly, when you understand that the potential strengths, challenges, and experiences symbolized by the chart are given at the moment of birth, before you even meet your parents, the chart as a whole can be seen as symbolizing your life purpose. Your purpose is to take what has been given and evolve to the best level of consciousness and integration that you can. While there is a given "fate", you have the free will to choose what to do with that fate. In the process, you may learn to develop non-judgment, humility, compassion and forgiveness for self and others for the sake of healing. Challenges are viewed as opportunities for growth and transformation.


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"Thanks so much for the clarification on relationships. It makes perfect sense to me. I got a great deal out of your thoughtful analysis and will spend some time digesting it all. I can see places that are open to me for growth and self-knowledge." Teresa F.

"Celia, the greatest gift you gave to me in our session was making me feel safe to show all of me to fears, my choices, my anger...this gift is priceless and you held space for me with such love and neutrality. Forever grateful for you and your insight." Fiona B.

"Celia, thank you for your compassionate, level and coherent response to my stories. I think you are the first person who has heard one or more of my life stories and responded in such a structured contained and reassuring way. I am including therapists/counselors etc. It is so wonderful to tell those types of stories to someone who does not become overwhelmed by them. So whilst you may not call your self a counselor/therapist I hope you don't underestimate those qualities and capacities within you to hold, contain, and bear witness to another's suffering." Lily B.

"I'm so glad I had the opportunity to work with you. You presented everything in a concise, illuminating, and compassionate way which will be very helpful in my journey of personal growth. You are indeed a gifted psychological astrologer and a truly caring person." Cathy Y.

"I just finished listening to and taking notes from the recording you sent to me......all I can say is wow wow wow!!!! You are so amazing!!! I might have a few questions after I read everything over. In the meantime, thank you so much for helping me to understand myself better and also to prepare myself for what lies ahead." Luanne L.

"The journey has been mine, but it took Celia to provide new insights, new meanings, and new understandings. Her work is profound and powerful. I am so appreciative of the gifts she provides." Diane A., Professor of Neuroscience.