“It’s not what happens
to you, but how you
react to it that matters.”


— Epictetus

Celia Marion

Astrologer of AstroPsychology

As an astrologer using AstroPsychology, my specialty is the natal chart. The symbols of the birth chart are used in conjunction with your story to facilitate understanding of your psychological functioning. The goal is for greater self-awareness and self-acceptance. We can see how patterns of behavior and old beliefs about the self may be hindering personal evolution. We consider new ways of approaching those old stories and changing behavior. I am not a therapist, but astrology used this way can be therapeutic.



"The journey has been mine, but it took Celia to provide new insights, new meanings, and new understandings. Her work is profound and powerful. I am so appreciative of the gifts she provides." D.A., Professor of Neuroscience.


In addition to utilizing astrological symbols, AstroPscyhology as taught by Dr. Glenn Perry draws from the fields of Psychology, Human Development, Psycho-spiritual Evolution, and Carl Jung’s theories of synchronicity and Archetypes. Viewing Psyche as Soul, and using AstroPysychology to examine your life story and natal chart, we can see that your life has purpose and is unique. We can learn how your struggles are opportunities for growth. Studying your life story with the natal chart as a guide provides a vehicle for deep self-understanding and the potential for healing and transformation.

                                                                    The Natal Chart

In AstroPsychology, the symbols of the natal chart correlate to several important factors of one's life. First, the planets correspond to psychological functions which are striving to meet the needs of the signs they rule through the signs and houses where they are located in the chart. Aspects which they make to other planetary functions are like the different voices in our head. Some are cooperating and supportive while others are challenging and resisting each other, until we learn how to have them work together. This is the inner, process orientation of the symbols. Second, the same symbols can correlate to outer events and people who come into our lives. In this way, outer is synchronistic with inner. Thirdly, since the chart represents a range of potential expression throughout life, it's particularly useful when considering it as depicting our perception of early childhood experiences. As young children we do not have the developmental capacity to understand or handle the challenging aspects of the chart, in particular those of the transpersonal outer planets; and as young children our perspective is very egocentric. As we perceive an experience, we interpret it from that perspective which brings up particular feelings, some of them unpleasant. These lead to the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves. The more unpleasant ones are often repressed only to be projected outward. So that with which we are uncomfortable, our shadow wounds so to speak, comes back at us in exaggerated form. This is repeated throughout life until we gain the awareness and understanding needed to  make the necessary changes in our consciousness and behavior. In addition, according to research done by Glenn Perry, the signs and the houses to which they correspond correlate to stages of human development. Again, this is particularly informative for comprehending the importance of events of early childhood. Trauma, loss, or disruption which occur during the sign-house stages of Aries through Leo can be particularly impactful on the developmental imperatives of those stages of childhood. Lastly, when it is understood that the potential of the chart is given at the moment of birth, before even meeting our parents, the chart as a whole can be seen as indicating an individual's life purpose or path. Ultimately there is no-one to blame for our difficulties, but there is often the necessity to develop an awareness of something larger than ourselves, something with which we can cooperate, along with compassion and forgiveness for self and others for the sake of healing. The evolution of character and consciousness is a life-long process.

                                                  An AstroPsychology Consultation

                                                        *Provides insight into psychological challenges

                                                        *Suggests the Life Purpose or Calling

                                                        *Deepens a sense of connection to the Universe

                                                        *Recognizes strengths and talents

                                                        *Explores synchronicities that link inner and outer reality

                                                        *Reveals the meaning of a particular experience or phase of life

                                                        *Targets periods of crisis and opportinity

                                                        *Clarifies patterns of growth and development




    The Butterfly is a Symbol of Transformation

“I never use astrology to guide my life, but rather to understand it. The goal is not to

become dependent upon an external source of guidance, but to use astrology to deepen trust in one’s own internal guidance — the God within, if you will.” 

President, Academy of AstroPsychology

Like the water lily that

rises from the mud

below the water's surface,

becoming aware of our

darker shadow side

nurtures our fuller blooming.

In the end,

life is a Heroic experience

of Soul expressing Source.

— Celia Marion

Venice, Florida


T 941 484 2571

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